Five Viking curiosities you may not have known

Beyond popular belief, the Vikings were far more than mere barbarians who plundered villages, terrified the seas, and committed atrocities.

It is well known that they were merciless, cruel and fearless warriors. How did this small community become so feared and achieved great achievements? Many say that they got it for their intelligence, others believe that it was for fear of nothing or anyone or even for their incredible ability to navigate but the truth is that according to studies of historians were the sum of these and other factors that gave Fame to these intrepid warriors.

In spite of it, next, we will see 5 curiosities about this community that date s.VII:


By many it is thought that they were burly men, tall and blond but in reality that is an image that comes to the head for either the movies, series or cartoons. The truth is that according to many historians the male Viking population measured about 170-175cm far from the 190. This was because in many of their conquests by Europe made slaves which over the years mingled with the autochthonous The Nordic areas leading to mixtures of breeds.

As for the hair, it is believed that they were able to make a bleaching soap to lighten the hair and thus resemble the gods. (Many deities were represented with white hair)


This attitude gave rise to the fear of nothing or anyone, which led them to take risks that other communities or nations did not assume. It also gave them a far superior ability to overcome great adversities or losses in battles or long journeys.


One of the most remarkable features of the Nordic legends and sagas is the somber and gloomy mood. They were capable of laughing at death, loss, and danger. This contributed to their standing up to the death of the last man on the battlefield.


This is how their boats were known. The name is due to the bow and stern dragons. They were boats made of wood, narrow and a shallow helmet. Of the most maneuverable and fast of its time, reaching to reach 15 knots (28km / h). They were excellent sailors, they came across the Atlantic in numerous times arriving in Canada hundreds of years before Columbus arrived in America. 


Maybe today is a better known point is that there were no horns in the Vikings helmets but still we will make an incision. Do you know the expression "put the horns"? Here is a possible answer to its origin. There are many possible answers but this has to do with the Vikings. According to some historians, the chiefs of the villages had the right to sleep with any woman in their village and when they decided to put a horned helmet on the door so that no one would bother them. Is it true? We do not know with certainty since each region has a point of view on the origin of this expression.

More ahead we will see more on this incredible population that dominated for many years the seas of Europe.

¡See you in Valhalla!