Our debut

On November 28 of 2015, the second edition of the Battle of Zama took place, a competition organized by Crossfit Scipion in Reus, which we took to make our debut.

We went to Tarragona carrying our flags and prepared to offer athletes and public a sample of what we are going to offer.

Some athletes even dared to put on our armor to face the 3 WODS that were ahead during the day. It was nice to see how they fought from exercise to exercise, it seemed that we had traced back to S.VIII and we were seeing real Vikings facing the most feared of their opponents.

After seeing how they fought and how good everything was, we have a very positive reading of the event.

The people were delighted with our appearance, the best of all is that we have come to stay, in order to be able to pull our philosophy forward.

Very grateful to the organization that surely we will see next year to celebrate with them our first year of life and make our horns of war sound.