The future of weightlifting, young promises.

For some, weightlifting is just rough people who raise many kg, for others it is a sport and for a few it is their philosophy of life. After the last medals of Lidia Valentín, the weightlifting has taken a certain protagonism in the sports press. But, how is the future of the sport? Is there a quarry? The answer has a proper name or rather, proper names. Let's talk about two of them, the first of them is Noelia Caballero.


We can say that Noelia is the recent and current European champion, making 6 valid attempts of 6 possible.Oro in a throwing lifting 85kg, gold in two times with a mark of 102kg totaling an Olympic total of 187kg that served him Noelia to add another gold and proclaim herself queen of Europe sub 17. 



In his 7 years in the weightlifting Noelia does not stop to grow his collection of medals. Bronze in his first championship of Spain of technique and champion the following year. Second place in his first Spanish championship in weight lifting. Several medals in different championships of Spain and even international as the 2nd place obtained in the memorial Manuel Suárez de Cuba. Going through the European Championship three times and proclaiming herself the champion in the last.

We are sure that his dedication, perseverance and attitude will make Noelia's record even bigger. 

The second is Marcos Ruiz and like Noelia, his record is impressive.

So far this year has beaten 4 records of Spain of its category in the last edition of the Copa del Mediterrani. The first of them in a double way, first raised 156 kg in a rush to overtake Oscar Rodríguez who held the record with 155.5 kg and later overcoming himself with 162 kg. The other two are in two times with 191kg and in total Olympic with 353kg.

Only a few months later he also made the Spanish championship, but his great sporting achievement this year was in the last edition of the Junior World Championship held in Georgia.




Marcos not only stood up to the big names there present making 6 valid attempts of 6 possible. But that also was proclaimed runner-up of the World in pulled up pulled 171kg. With the 203kg two-stroke marks and a 374kg Olympic total Marcos scored the 4th position in the World Championship.




Currently residing in the Blume de Madrid where he trains with high level colleagues like the recent Olympic bronze medalist Lidia Valentín. Stay with this name because it will give much to talk about and your successes will be remembered.

Talking about these two great athletes is synonymous with talking about their sports house, the weightlifting club Molins de Rei. Under the direction of David Soria, they have been creating and working the quarry for years. From the smallest to the largest as Yosua Fernandez. In the next entry we will delve into this club and Yosua.

See you in Valhalla!